Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gone Shoppin'

Chocolate brown slip on tennies modeled by our fair dame Olivia. Sparkling white leather Keds with pink & white checkered ties modeled by the lightly tanned Cathrynn Rose.
Ahhhh, the torture that is BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING. The crowds, the whining, the tantrums - who'd have thought it would be a Cathrynn/Frank standoff over her refusing to try on shoes. You just never know. That's what happens when you wear flip-flops for 3 solid months. The stores were crowded and even worse - warm - ugh , what it that all about?

Some pretty pink stuff! Wish they had it all in my size! How about the pinkish lavender tennies with flowers. Love that I can still get 'em to wear this stuff... If I'm gone for longer than usual, send help. I'm buried in piles of kid's clothing. You know - the summer play clothes that are trashed but they'll be wearing for the next few weeks, the stuff they barely ever wore but can't part with now, the new clothes, the too small but too big for Liv, too small for Liv but too special to toss, the too stained, the too cute - Mom'll make a project out of it...

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