Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wanted: Short Order Cook

Seriously, every meal I'm making 3-4 totally different meals. Example, salmon for Frank - well even I have issues, ancient old issues from the 70s and a huge salmon brought back from Alaska by Uncle Dom and roasted whole on a bbq. My first experience with it. The head, blank glassy eyes, pinkish fish. Gulp. I passed. And I still can't do it. So I do tilapia. And Liv does mac&cheese, and Cathrynn might eat the tilapia if it's breaded & dipped in ketchup and then a grilled cheese chaser. Four dinners. Four breakfasts. Four lunches. Daily.

Here's one meal that all of us eat. Especially Vince. He's been known to make a big dent in a pot of my homemade chicken noodle soup with crusty Italian bread. In August? Not usually, but today we awoke to rain and chilly air. Jean weather (omgawd - the good news is I can still get into my fat jeans, but they are so uncomfy).
So I threw a pot of soup together. It didn't cook as long as I'd like so the broth wasn't that pretty amber, but everyone ate it. One meal, one pot. Yeah me!
So pretty without a mishmash of serving bowls...Frank wanted to know why I was taking a pix of the table :D the man has no clue the mundane things I can journal... While I'm thinking about it, I wrote my really sketchy recipe (I just wing most things) so the next time Vince wants it, I'll have it handy.
Chicken & Bowtie Soup
In large crockpot: several stalks of celery (with leaves), 3-4 yellow onions (whole with skins), 3-4 whole chicken breasts (with bones and skin attached), some bay leaves (discard before eating!), bouillon cubes only if Grammy's not eating since they're loaded with MSG. Fill with water. Cook on low all day or on high for several hours.

Remove and strain in colander. Put the golden broth in a large soup pot, you may need to add additional water. Bring to boil. Add 1 lb bowtie pasta (and for our family only bowties... maybe with some medium shells but no other pasta's been widely embraced), and 1 bag shredded carrots. Carefully remove skin from chicken, and by hand, shred watching for those little pesky bones. Add shredded chicken to soup pot. Season with salt and pepper. Even better the second day. If there's any left!

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